End of the rainbow: Forrest Fenn's treasure has been found!

As we found out this weekend, Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest has been found somewhere in the Rockies.


Researching geography and executing expeditions for two summers was exhilarating, precisely in the way working at a desk was not. I took to it like a fish to water, and I even found a way to add a completely unnecessary level of challenge and frustration to the endeavor by picking up a fly rod again. (Why am I going to Montana again you ask? Fly fishing, of course. The best lies are the ones that are true.)

I had one theory left in the chamber, which you will find fully explained in this boardroom-fidelity Powerpoint presentation right here on this site. If you’re a Fenn fanatic, or even if you just like history, geography, or maps, check it out right now.


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